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M E 514: Additive Manufacturing

  • Catalog Description:
    Rapidly advancing additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, often also called 3D printing, provide us a direct way of converting digital data into physical objects. This novel manufacturing technology enables the building of parts that have traditionally been impossible to fabricate because of their complex shapes. In the past few years, advances in material, process, and machine development have enabled AM processes to evolve from the prototyping stage to direct product manufacturing. Such rapid manufacturing (RM) capabilities will revolutionize industries such as aerospace, defense, biomedical, and jewelry to name a few. Understanding the advantages and limitations of AM technologies is important for future engineers in developing new engineering systems and identifying emerging opportunities in developing products for mass customization. Since AM technologies are evolving almost daily, this course gives an overview of the different technologies existing today and aims to provide tools and knowledge to evaluate new developments in this area.
  • Credits: 3
  • Prerequisites: ME 313 or cons inst
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