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M E 449: Redesign and Prototype Fabrication

  • Catalog Description:
    The focal point of all lectures and labs is a semester long project. Lectures cover principals of design, manufacturing and prototype evaluation. Students will perform a re-design of a thermo-mechanical device using knowledge/skills acquired both through this course and previous course offerings in thermal sciences, mechanics and dynamics, manufacturing, and design. The lab component provides students with instruction and hands-on experience using the manufacturing tools/processes available in the College of Engineering. In addition, during the lab the students will apply the concepts of the lectures to the fabrication of the semester project. Each student constructs his or her own device during the course of the semester. This course provides a complete engineering experience by combining design, dimensioning and tolerancing, manufacturing and quantitative analysis in a single semester project.
  • Credits: 3
  • Prerequisites: ME 306; ME 313; ME 331; ME 361; or consent of instructor
  • Official Course Description (pdf)

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